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Dorothy - Videotape Interviews & TV Programs

Videotaped Interviews and Press Conference Video About Kilgallen's Investigation of the JFK Assassination

The Life and Death of a Media Icon - Pulitzer-Prize Nominated Journalist, Crack Investigative Reporter, What's My Line? TV Program Star, Celebrated Radio Talk Show Host, Author, and Adventurer in Words, Photographs and Videotaped Interviews.

Marc Sinclaire Interviews

Marc Sinclaire

While Dorothy Kilgallen had many “celebrity” friends, arguably her closest friend was Marc Sinclaire, her main hairdresser. For years, he not only fixed her hair but was a trusted ally whom she could speak to about private matters and know that Marc would never betray that trust. Sinclaire was also a celebrity of sorts in his own right since his clients included the rich and famous including Princess Margaret. Interviewed on videotape in the late 1990s and early 2000’s, Sinclaire adds much to a credible account of Kilgallen’s life and times, and her death.

Sinclaire and Dorothy Relationship

JFK Assassination Investigation and Dorothy

Sinclaire Recalls Dorothy’s Physical and Mental Make-up Prior to Death

Sinclaire Recalls Dorothy’s Friendship with Gangster Frank Costello

Threats on Dorothy’s Life or Family

Sinclaire re concerns for Dorothy’s Son Kerry

Dorothy’s Trip to Switzerland Prior to Death

Sinclaire Finding Dorothy’s Body

Dorothy Death Announcement/Funeral

Sinclaire Suspicions on Who Killed Dorothy, Where, and How

Sinclaire on Whereabouts of Dorothy JFK Assassination Evidence File After Death

Sinclaire Keeping Quiet About Dorothy Death

Sinclaire Speaks about Dorothy and Boyfriend, Journalist Ron Pataky

Ron Pataky and Dorothy Kilgallen

Almost immediately after Dorothy became embroiled in her JFK assassination investigation, Columbus, Ohio newspaperman Ron Pataky entered her life and the two became close friends and then lovers. Sinclaire was suspicious of Pataky’s motives and spoke about discussions Marc had with Dorothy about Pataky.

Charles Simpson Interviews

Charles Simpson

Alongside Marc Sinclaire, Charles Simpson was not only a second hairdresser but a blessed friend as well whom Dorothy spoke to about both professional and personal matters. Simpson, a careful man with the spoken word, adds another element to Dorothy’s story.

Katherine Stone Interviews

Katherine Stone

Katherine appeared on Dorothy’s final What’s My Line? program on November 7, 1965. Dorothy guessed her occupation – selling dynamite. After the program, Stone recounts what happened including the appearance of a “mystery man” who met with Dorothy at the Regency Hotel during a show “after-party” of sorts.

Jack Ruby trial Press Conference

Joe Tonahill

Dorothy Kilgallen listens intently as Jack Ruby Attorney Melvin Belli speaks during a News Conference during the Ruby Trial, 1964

Television Programs

Edward R. Murrow

News broadcaster Edward R. Murrow gave eyewitness reports of WWII for CBS and helped develop journalism for mass media. He is best known as the host of "Person to Person", a popular television program in the United States that originally ran from 1953 to 1961, interviewing celebrities in their homes from a comfortable chair in his New York studio.

Edward R. Murrow “Person to Person” Dorothy and Family Interview